Social selling monetisation tools

60sec is a social selling monetisation tool to realize the full potential of your brand and business.

With 60sec you build new revenue channels, stimulate your influencers to sell more and make data-driven logical decisions.

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60sec is a social selling tool designed to grow

B2B Retailers


Retail Brands

Monetise Your Content

Monetise with Contents

Drive traffic and sales by featuring your products in content created by influencers.

Get details insight on your influencer performance by tiding up shopping experience with the content generated.

Scale your Distribution Channels

Scale your channels at lower cost of acquisition by sending an invitation code.

Invite selected influencers via email invitation for better performance tracking.

Build Lasting Relationship with Sellers

Built Long Lasting Relationship

Real time updates on new products, prices, and promotions to all your channel at ease.

Customize rewards and perks for different tier of channels.

Access to Actionable Insight

Get in-depth analysis on your recruitment, engagement, and conversion in your reporting dashboard.

Get real time feedback from your channel to enhance your business flow.

Monetise your influencer marketing today!