Maximise Your Partner Network sales

60sec is a partner management system to realize the full potential of your brand and business.

With 60sec you build new revenue channels, stimulate your partners to sell more, make data-driven logical decisions, and attract more active resellers.

The number one platform
for successful partnerships

Easy and transparent partner programs attract the most active partners.

That is why 60sec is offering great partner experience.

Great partner experience leads to great customer experience.

With 60sec, everybody wins.

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60sec is a PRM SaaS designed to grow

B2B Retailers


Retail Brands

Simplify and track your entire partner lifecycle with our SaaS PRM

Only clear and transparent partner management: onboarding, enablement, marketing collaborations, deals registration, reputation, ratings, and more.

Intuitive design and features that meet all modern PRM software requirements

60sec has world-class reputation in PRM, because we help world-class partner networks.

Rich functionality and effectiveness of the 60sec platform is responsible for dozens of brands achieving their goals.


Your success is our top priority.

60sec onboarding is hassle-free, and a dedicated manager will help you build a promotion strategy that performs best for your business.

We guarantee satisfaction with our platform – you will see channel growth like you have not before.

How Our Platform Works

Scale Multiple Partner Channels

Our platform is designed to scale your sales through multiple channels.

  • Recruit great partners for your product
  • Sell directly via distributor networks
  • Get ahead of your competition
  • Expose your products to more channels in a few clicks

Boost Partner Performance

60sec prioritize engagement, and that generates more revenue.

Here’s how you make sure your partners perform best:

  • Form partner groups with reward structures and content
  • Use invitation code for partner onboarding and participation
  • Use partner dashboards to host diverse partner marketing assets

Automation Partner Payout

Stop wasting resources on payments calculation and deadlines.

60sec pays your partners on time, every time.

  • Paperless invoices
  • Partners can withdraw their payouts anytime
  • Partners get paid transparently – their loyalty grows
  • Complying with global regulations

Scale Multiple Partner Channels

Are you looking to close more deals and make your next campaign successful? Our platform is designed to meet the requirements of any type of partnership.

Boost Partner Performance

With a program that prioritizes engagement, more revenue will be generated. 60SEC affords you a means to create bespoke.

Automation of Partner Payout

Are you tired of wasting precious time ensuring that partners get paid when they are supposed to? You don’t have to waste time anymore. 

How would you like 60sec to help you?

Do you have specific PRM features that your current platform lacks?

Let us know what partner network goals are, and we’ll help bring them to life.

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