Why dropshipping is the future of E-Commerce

What is dropshipping? It is a business model where the retailer doesn’t actually keep any inventory or process the orders. So all of the orders received from your e-commerce are fulfilled and shipped directly from the wholesaler. This means in this business model you only need to focus on the marketing side of the business.


Here are a few reasons why this business module actually brings more benefits compared to being a disadvantage business module.

Product sourcing

If you want to start an e-commerce business, you will first need to source on the item that you need to sell and then you will also need to do research on the quality of the product. Lastly, you will need to buy in bulk prior to being promoted and sold. The entire process before you start your e-commerce business requires a lot of time, money and resources.

By adopting the model, allows sellers to sell products without having to worry that they need to source large quantities of each item. In fact, by using 60sec, we have a seamlessly system that will notify our supplier that they have sales and they are able to ship it.

A start-up that cost you “0” investment

Traditional e-commerce business will help you to buy in bulk, this eventually requires you to have a huge payment to keep stocks on even things that you are not sure of. So by adopting this business module, you can start your business at a “0” cost!

Order fulfillment

Most business owners do not have time to pack and ship their orders. However, by adopting the e-commerce business module, the supplier can actually ship it on behalf of the business owner.